Alder Springs crew group shot

Alder Springs crew group shot

Harvest 2010, the crew takes a break after harvesting from night until the morning. They are still smiling after a hard night's work! Good on ya!

Alder Springs crew harvesting grapes in the vineyard

Alder Springs crew harvesting grapes in the vineyard

Hand harvested, all the time!

Alder Springs crew posing with harvested grapes

Alder Springs crew posing with harvested grapes

This crew is hard working, a barrel of fun and highly skilled!

Our staff is committed to the alder springs difference.

In a typical vineyard, you hire temporary crews to come in and prune your vines and bring in the harvest. That's because in a typical vineyard there's not enough work year-round to warrant a full-time staff.

But Alder Springs is not typical. Our unique method of viticulture requires a highly trained crew to work on the ranch. Each cluster of grapes is touched by human hands an average of 13 times throughout the growing season. And our "bonsai" method of careful thinning can't be learned in an afternoon. This is our way of producing some of the finest wine grapes in California.

"If you want to be the best at what you do, you have to create a collection of people who are the best at what they do."Stu Bewley

Stuart Bewley

Stuart Bewley, Owner

Stu continues down the road less traveled in his pursuit for cultivating the undiscovered.

Byron Kosuge

Byron Kosuge, Winemaker

Byron crafts wines that are handled as little as possible in order to express the site and terroir in which they come from.

Natalie Holstine

Natalie Holstine, Director of Sales & Hospitality

Natalie wheels and deals in all things grapes. Contact Natalie regarding Fruit availability and general questions. (707) 984-8970 ext. 221

Jose Guillen Cortes

José Guillien Cortez, Vineyard Manager

José has overseen our vineyard crew for 15 years in all viticultural tasks from pruning to harvest including young vine training, crop thinning and monitoring vineyard health.

Will Bewley

Will Bewley

Will has been learning from his father Stuart since he was four. Now graduated from college, Will can't wait to help Stuart make the operation even better, and teach Stuart how to send an email.

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